Insanity Calling

Friday was drop-day at my apartment complex for the junk-mail Trojan Horse known as Yellowbook. In this age of cell-phone memory, 411 services, and Google, and to say nothing of the continuing existence of the bell corporations’ ordinary directories, the enormous waste and bother of money-grubbing corporate schemes like Yellowbook offers yet another testament to the existence of market totalitarianism. In this society, we can’t and don’t question even the most blatantly destructive capitalists.

And, behind this ordinary little crime against nature and people and true economy, the Orwellian chutzpah of the Yellowbook corporation’s “responsibility” jive is, as usual, enough to make a cat laugh:

Yellowbook recognizes the importance of publishing environmentally friendly products. We reduce, re-use and recycle whenever we can, wherever we can. To that end, we are:

* Increasing the percent of waste product in our paper
* Partnering with paper suppliers with sustainable forests
* Printing directories with biodegradable inks and adhesives
* Reducing our carbon “footprint” with a more friendly printing process
* Controlling the size and weight of our directories
* Reducing our electricity use

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Check out for the ability to opt-out of some phone book deliveries. If enough people opted out, a lot of energy from the production and transport of these heavy books could be reduced.

Information is just as easy to come by online or through 1-800-FREE411 (business, gov’t, residential listings), so it’s not like anyone really needs phone books anymore, anyway.


I have about six laying around my house i never use them except to sit my kids on for haircuts. I think they call that reuse ha ha!

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