A Rare Opportunity

The remarkable conquest of discretionary behavior by commercial television has to rank very high on the list of ruling-class victories in all of that class-divided phase of human history we are taught to call “civilization.”

Think of it: In the United States, we thoughtlessly squander the great bulk of our precious free time coming home and looking at a box that not only puts us into a mild catatonic state and makes us its addicts, but does so in order to implant mental and behavioral prescriptions designed to make the rest of our free time comport with the priorities of our super-rich corporate capitalist overclass.

Stalin, Hitler, and the other state-totalitarians never dared dream of enjoying such a dreamy arrangement.

Well, dear readers, here is something truly rare: In order to substantiate claims of legitimacy, the Federal Communications Commission is traveling the country holding hearings about the upcoming give-away of more parts of the ether to the market-totalitarians.

While I hold no illusion about this being anything other than a series of show trials, I still urge everybody to go out to your local FCC tour stop and let the assholes know what you think about sacrificing our democracy and the Earth so that the sponsors of things like Axe Deodorant Body Spray can keep their “third homes” and private jets.

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