Like Water for Profits…

Here’s an excellent blog post by Adam Shake at Twilight Earth.

As I said in my reply there, this piece by Adam hits on something fundamental that our car-pushing overclass is working very hard to shield from our consciousness:

The basic fact is that energy supply is merely an aspect of physics and Earth geology. Even electric cars require a fuel source for making the electricity. Coal and uranium and the very energy-intensive materials and processes needed to build wind and solar are all finite.

The reign of automobiles is the problem, and it has no viable long-term solution, wish and dream as we might. Every day we waste on the sponsored “alt-fuel” fantasies is one more weight we are adding to the punishment we are imposing on our children and grandchildren.

And, of course, I forgot to mention there the almost-always unmentioned — the billions who need land, water, and energy now, in order to avoid starvation, the most basic diseases, and extreme misery.

[Thanks to Doug Pressman for the reference and Laura Esquivel for the title.]

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