Tis the Season…

…of trying to decide which bad, unsatisfying choice to make with one’s ballot. Vote big and ugly, or small and gestural/protest?

Personally, Biden’s breath-taking denunciation of democracy in Seattle last weekend ended any last glimmers of hope for a nose-holding Obama vote by me. In Oregon, where there are mail-in-only elections (no polling stations available), I just voted C-Mac (not J-Mac!) — Cynthia McKinney. In 2002, McKinney was targeted for the boot from Congress because of her outspoken rejection of post-911 war hysteria. In her second Congressional stint, she actually “introduced articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush as (H Res 1106)” in 2006, when the nation was about to elect the Democrats, thinking — oh-so-mistakenly, as always with the modern, Clintonoid, “triangulating” Democrats — that they were about to do such things. And, unlike Nader, for whom I’ve previously voted twice, McKinney is also trying to help build the Green Party, which I think isn’t a bad idea, given the state of the planet.

Nevertheless and meanwhile, for the best statement of the conundrum I’ve seen, I refer you to my friend, colleague, and teacher, the Gandhi scholar and freelance writer, Niranjan Ramakrishnan. On today’s edition of CounterPunch.org, Ramakrishnan writes:

My fundamental problem with Obama is not with his solutions but with his diagnoses. The problem is not partisanship, as he keeps harping. If anything the problem is the lack of partisanship – partisanship with the Common People. Partisanship with the Constitution against the Corporations. Congressional Partisanship against a usurping Executive. Partisanship of the press against those in power. Unlike Obama, I think that before we can go forward, we must first go back.

Click here to read the whole of this wonderful, thoughtful piece.

While you’re at it, consider sending CounterPunch a couple bucks, too.

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11 years ago

I voted for C-Mac a few weeks ago on the Oregon mail-in ballot, which was mailed to me in Luxembourg early enough so that I could vote, but was stamped “FEDERAL” and limited to just the three federal races (President, Senator, and Congressperson). Since Obama is sure to win Oregon’s 7 electoral votes (www.fivethirtyeight.com now shows a 100% chance of that), joining the herd and voting for Mr. Bait-and-Switch and Robo-fucking-Biden would be an unnecessary waste and throwing away your vote anyway. So why NOT vote for McKinney and Clemente. I voted for the Green in Eugene’s seat in Congress… Read more »

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