The Chevy Volt: ROFLMAO!

After years of breathless pre-advertising, here’s what “the backbone of our economy” is disclosing about its “cutting-edge” new “green” automobile, coming (maybe) next year:

G.M. says the car, which is scheduled to arrive in showrooms two years from now, will be able to travel 40 miles on a charge, but it will also have a small gas engine to extend the range to as much as 640 miles using both the battery and gasoline (the 1.4 liter, four-cylinder engine is intended to run a generator that will power the car and recharge the batteries once they are depleted). It is expected to cost about $40,000.

A 40-mile range! After billions spent over years!

As I keep saying, you know what complete excrement you’re getting when industry insiders and The New York Times are mentioning it:

“If you’re the affluent individual who wants to make a statement, it’s one thing,” said Ron Pinelli, president of, an industry analysis firm. “If you’re Joe the Commuter, you’re not going to spend $40,000 on an electric car. It’s insane.”

You see there the wishful thinking behind all this late, late, late capitalism. Behind the scenes, the overclass must be mired in quiet desperation, despite its unchanging public face.

And then there’s the supposedly democratic public response: The coming public sponsorship, via the Tweedle-D Party and its program of “change” you can choke on (a.k.a. the re-packaging of the usual capitalist boondoggles), of this suicidal greenwashing charade. If shamelessness and corruption were combustible, there’d be no energy crisis for many centuries:

Executives at General Motors, the largest and apparently the most imperiled of the three American car companies, are using the Volt as the centerpiece of their case to a skeptical Congress that their business plan for a turnaround is strong, and that a federal bailout would be a good investment in G.M.’s future.

Rest assured, nobody on Capitol Hill or in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is going to connect these dots…Quite the opposite.

Mad Max, here we come.

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