Wabbit Hunting: Pelosi’s Turn

A month ago, it was Hank Paulson feigning at playing the cartoon fool.

Now, it’s the pancaked cadaver known as Nancy Pelosi, she who stands for, you know, some stuff and who got into politics to, you know, do some things.

Here’s Mrs. Pewosi’s “Be vewy, vewy quite” aside to the audience:

“Emergency assistance to the automobile industry would be conditioned on executive compensation restrictions, a prohibition on golden parachutes, rigorous independent oversight, and other taxpayer protections to ensure that any companies that benefit from this assistance — and not the taxpayers — bear the full burden of repaying any costs that are incurred,” Ms. Pelosi said.

“It is essential for the domestic automobile manufacturing industry to re-emerge as a global, competitive leader in fuel efficiency and in new, path-breaking energy-efficient technologies that protect our environment. For the automobile industry to be truly viable, it must continue to move in this direction.”

She don’t know her overclass wabbits — or her basic physics — vewy well, do she?

This matewial is daisy fwesh, though, ain’t it?  Weawistic, too…

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