You Decide: U.S. = “World Leader” in Transport Infrastructure?

Apparently the guy’s being investigated a bit more, but Obama’s nominee for Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation is Ray LaHood, who said this when he accepted Obama’s nomination:

As a nation, we need to continue to be the world leader in infrastructure development. Amtrak, mass transit, light rail, air travel, and our roads and bridges all play a vital role in our economy and our bell-being.

roflmfao Either Mr. LaHood has never been to Europe or Japan, or he’s blowing the usual poison smoke in our faces.

Notwithstanding the scandalous condition of the nation’s automotive roadways, this “world leader” claim is truly preposterous and misleading. In fact, if the overclass were within a country mile of permitting any serious debate of transportation policy to occur at this time of Peak Oil and widening Middle East war, it would have triggered a huge scandal,.

But, since perpetuating autos-über-alles is big capital’s absolute requirement #1, no such debate is forthcoming. And that’s exactly what LaHood’s remark is designed to signal to his colleagues in the baby-sitter stratum.  “All play a vital role in our economy” means: a)  “our economy” (read corporate investors’ interests) comes first, and b) there will be no admission that public transportation systems are now any more important to everybody but capitalists. Rest assured, LaHood soothes, we will keep “our” status as the “world leader” in what “we” do, which is ensure corporate capitalist ownership of public transportation decisions.

Not surprising, of course, for a “Representative” hailing from Peoria, Illinois, home of the giant, union-busting, road-building Caterpillar corporation, which, also of course, is LaHood’s #1 pocket-liner, just edging out the PR firm that represents Equatorial Guinea’s petro-dictator.

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