The Bonfire of the Retail Vanities

The above two images [click them for a larger view] are of the row of shops across the street from the law office where I work.

From left to right, here is the list of these oh-so-vital service-providers:

Sofa – Table – Chair, upscale furniture boutique

Wishing Well Floral & Gifts

Bone-Jour, gourmet dog food bakery (I’m not making this up!)

Miss Meers, women’s “Sex and the City”-style shoe boutique

Sit Still, haircuts for toddlers

Spoiled Rotten, upscale children’s clothes

Aqua Nails Bar, purveyor of manicures and pedicures

Seeing this string of shops, you have to wonder pretty hard about the future of this society.  This is the stuff for which we allow our overclass to continue closing factories and dictating the technologies and terms of “our” supposedly non-negotiable way of life?  This is the bedrock of an economy?

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