The Plug-In Drug

Here it comes, folks.  They’re beginning the serious ramp-up for selling you “hybrid” automobiles.

This sales effort is going to rely on you remaining woefully under-informed about the basic physics of cars and cars-first transportation.

They want you thinking like this:

To keep you there, they have to hide many facts, including the fact that, in this universe, nothing comes from nowhere.  Hence, having everybody frequently rolling around at high speeds in fragile metal boxes with up to 8,000 often complex parts in them is always going to be the quintessence of an unsustainable activity.

Making lithium-ion batteries, for instance, requires vast extraction of a finite natural resource, production of which starts like this:

As the corporate capitalist hybrid hype mounts, you are also going to continue to be denied access to knowledge of the fact that, even in the best-case scenario — complete fleet replacement, the cessation of aggressive driving habits, etc. — plug-in hybrid  electric vehicles (a.k.a., PHEVs) would only reduce per-vehicle petroleum use by 45% in the USA.

Meanwhile, “the long-term incremental costs of these vehicles are projected to exceed US$8,000, with near-term costs being significantly higher.”

In other words, who among us is going to be able to buy these rolling distractions-from-reality?

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