NerObama: Another Clampdown Coming


You grow up and you calm down and You’re working for the clampdown.
So you got someone to boss around. It makes you feel big now…
You start wearing the blue and brown and you’re working for the clampdown.
-The Clash

Elected on a wave of popular disgust with the imperial status quo, Barack Obama is far exceeding all expectations in his diligent ideologies-over-facts stonewalling on behalf of his overclass sponsors.  Never in our history has the gulf between popular majorities and the actions of sitting policy-makers been wider.

And it ain’t gonna get any narrower, barring popular rebellion.  Just yesterday, NerObama announced to the G20 that the rest of the world cannot depend on the United States again being “a voracious consumer market.”

Properly translated, this is a signal that, once the bank-dole dust settles and the car-corp handout gets finalized, there is going to be a redoubled attack on “social spending” and the working class in general.

In other words, this “no more voracious consumer market” stuff is code-talk signifying that NerObie isn’t going to pull a New New Deal out of his hat.

In overclass talk, “consumer” means the non-rich, the commoners, the proles. What NerObama is saying is that he is not going to do anything to boost the American masses’ capacity to buy. Now that the financiers’ great surf-party has crashed on maxed-out credit cards and “equity lines,” stimulating subaltern buying power is off the table.

Obama, who apparently read all those campaign-publicized books about the 1930s in order to huff in the ghost of Herbert Hoover, is making the friend-of-Zbig, Jimmy “MX” Carter, look like FDR.

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