The Gatekeeper Problem


In his new book, The Medea Hypothesis, archeologist Peter Ward points out that life can sometimes not only become its own worst enemy, but homo sapiens is now quite obviously acting as the epitome of this “Medea principle,” wildly wrecking its own biological pre-conditions.

At one point, while reviewing “deep ecology” and its argument in favor of preserving as much still-pristine natural habitat as possible, Ward asks:

Who could argue with that sentiment?  Conserve.  Who besides those beholden to business interests could argue with that one?

But there’s the rub, isn’t it?  Not only is our market-totalitarian overclass utterly opposed to the eco-social policies required for progressive human survival and avoidance of another planetary Medean catastrophe, but isn’t the real question which person who resides within a country mile of the levers of power is NOT beholden to business interests?

If we don’t change that arrangement very, very soon, Medea is going to finish cooking our last supper.

Louis Tully, CPA, CKM

Alas, our current Chief Executive, despite election-time product packaging promising the contrary, is revealing himself to be yet another enthralled Keymaster laboring and blocking pitchforks for our still well-entrenched parasitical hyper-Medean extractor class…

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