History’s Most Dangerous Machine Marches On

tv-monster Michael Moore is getting tired of waiting for people to do something.  And it is objectively amazing what Obama has been able to get away with in terms of lying to and betraying his own supporters.

The main reason why?  Not very complicated:

MINNEAPOLIS (AdAge.com) — Americans, a new Nielsen report indicated today, are watching more TV than ever, with the average viewer spending four hours and 49 minutes a day in front of the set.

This continues the general trend.

It is a profound triumph for market totalitarianism.  As our decrepit, wildly out-of-control overclass wrecks the world, suppresses the most basic information, and grants itself gargantuan bailouts, we “targets” continue to pursue our addiction to their main ideological and behavioral control device.  “Survivor” continues to trump human survival, no contest.

And this is all required by corporate capitalism’s normal existence, which presses its players to devote huge and increasing efforts to the big business marketing process, no matter the costs and dangers.

If we don’t soon recognize the pattern and start to withdraw from it, this will absolutely not end well, for anybody.  Endlessly expanded money-making is simply not a viable basis for continuing human civilization.

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