Skeptical, But Not of Capitalism

The Amazing Randi, scourge of small-time quacks and hoaxers, is now pimping for corporate usurer Capital One, recipient of $3.6 billion in TARP money, long-time practitioner of bait-and-switch promotion, junk mail, and saturation “brand loyalty” advertising.


I guess being big and rich enough gets you a pass at the JREF.

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10 years ago

Excellent catch – and it fits, considering that the president of the alleged “skeptics Society,” Michael Shermer, wrote the worst book that I have read in eons, a full-moron defense of the alleged moral glory of the Unseen Hand called “The Mind of the Market,” making him, along with Randi, a credulous zealot (Reagan believer, Google lover, tenured propagandist for the rich) of the second great irrational belief system in America.

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