Tony Horwitz: Civil War an “Overreaction”

flip_off_baby God, The New York Times sucks!  It just published an op-ed that equates John Brown’s raid on the federal arsenal at Harper’s Ferry with 9-11.

Here is the author, Tony Horwitz’ conclusion:

In 1859, John Brown sought not only to free slaves in Virginia but to terrorize the South and incite a broad conflict. In this he triumphed: panicked whites soon mobilized, militarized and marched double-quick toward secession. Brown’s raid didn’t cause the Civil War, but it was certainly a catalyst. It may be too early to say if 9/11 bred a similar overreaction.

If anything, given the North’s half-hearted, soon-sold attempts at Reconstruction, the Civil War was an UNDER-REACTION.


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