Well, Duh

The New York Times today ran this timid little observation:

The president’s new provision seemed to offer Republicans an opening for a new line of criticism — that Obama and Democrats are anticipating the possibility of hefty price increases for health insurance even after their big legislation is adopted.

Gosh, you think so?  You think private, for-profit corporate medical insurers might keep raising their prices after it becomes illegal for citizens not to buy their products?

“Seems” rather more than merely “possible,” wouldn’t you think?

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10 years ago

That is the very, very, very scary thing about this “health care” reform that the president and congress are working to push through: If you cannot afford to buy insurance, so you refuse to do so, you will be fined or jailed or both. I guess this government needs more bodies for the Prison Industrial Complex.

Douglas P
Douglas P
10 years ago

The insurance companies, in their voracious rent-seeking strategies, evidently do not realize that this is all going to end up as a big train wreck, for them and everyone else. This is one last party for them, and rather sooner than later they will begin riding the downward trajectory of the society they’ve helped bankrupt.

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