“One thing is clear: The law does nothing to stop insurers from charging higher rates for children with pre-existing illnesses until 2014 when insurers can no longer use health status in setting premiums.”

Mandated offers of coverage, but no cap on the price of the policies offered, in other words. So, actually, in practice, no insurance for sick or previously sick children until at least 2014. “Good news! We hereby offer you a policy for Tiny Tim! Your monthly premium will be $2,789 a month, with 20% co-pays for in-network services,up to a maximum of $25,000 a year.”

Meanwhile, can you recognize the pattern here?:


WTO/Conclusion of Uruguay Round


Glass-Steagall repeal

Expiration of Independent Counsel statute

Romney-Ca…oops, Obama-Care

P.S. In case you’ve forgotten, during his award winning, massively fraudulent electoral campaign, Barack Obama promised his version of “health care” (largely an oxymoron in a capitalist medical system) reform would not include a personal mandate requiring all U.S. residents to purchase private medical insurance. As CBS News reported, this promise was presented by Obama as “the biggest difference between” himself and Hillary Clinton on the topic.

We now know that the only difference between Clinton and Obama is that the former was substantially more honest with the public about her actual plans for governance. Now, there’s a depressing thought…

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