The Worst of Both Worlds: Afghanis Enjoying Both Kinds of Targeting

The latest Advertising Age reports on a truly surreal marketing campaign.  Inside Afghanistan, a country with one-tenth the population but only 1/1000th the GDP of the United States, the occupying army is now running advertising campaigns putting the burden for rebuilding the society squarely on — can you guess? — ordinary Afghanis:

afghan baby ad
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It’s hard to express all the ways in which this truly Orwellian item reeks of the worst possible kinds of hypocrisy and evil.  Between its adoption of the timeless Michelin Tires strategy of threatening the lives of children and the sheer impossibility of the core proposition (“Never mind your grinding poverty and medieval life expectancy, subjection to rotating gangs of mercenary despots, and the soldiers that have been firing rockets and dropping bombs into your town since before your parents were born — make your sons doctors!”), there reside scores of other deeply ill and immoral aspects of this effort at “targeting the targets.”

And some people wonder “why they hate us.”

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