Why Know Your Credit Score?

exploitation spiderweb If you watch TV, you’ve probably seen Nixon speech-writer and militant irrationalist Ben Stein pitching freescore.com, with the proposition that “knowing your credit score” is somehow a step to improving one’s economic circumstances.

What deceptive crapola.  Knowing your credit score is analogous to balancing your checkbook.  If you need to do it, you are already fucked.

Except, of course, that there’s actually one rational reason to balance one’s checkbook.  Doing so might keep you from incurring your bank’s super-usurious “NSF” fee-rape.

Credit scores, meanwhile, are credit scores.  They are portraits of one’s wealth level, and purely ex post factoKnowing your score is utterly irrelevant to changing your score, which requires increased income, not knowledge of what has already happened.  For the vast majority of struggling citizens, the only conceivable reason for trying to know your score I can think of is to avoid the minor embarrassment of being denied a car loan or a cell phone contract.  But, even then, if you’re worried about that happening, you almost certainly are right to be worried, and don’t need to throw salt on your own wounds by ensnaring yourself in exploitative dirtball schemes like freescore.com.

By the way, Ben Stein, surely drawing on his exquisite, religion-informed sensitivity to the plight of the common household, says “The economy is still very strong.”

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