The Wages of Deregulation

Back in Jimmy Carter’s days, the overclass started really demanding deregulation, a further weakening of the always pathetic regime of public inspection and limitation of business activity, and quickly got it, with a “consensus” from both major political parties that continues right to the present moment and, barring a popular uprising, beyond.  The Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion is a direct consequence of this 30+ year indulgence of the core claim of capitalism, the assertion that unrestrained private profit-seeking yields the best possible results.

bp blastTurns out, the supposedly out-of-control and business-oppressing government didn’t bother to conduct half its 2008 inspections of Deepwater Horizon, and sent rookies to do some or all of the others.

The Minerals Management Service, the “regulatory” agency that not only does the “inspections” but was about to bestow its top safety award on BP the very month of the rig explosion, has one inspector for every 636 wells operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

And this is NOT just the oil industry.  All “regulation,” as every e coli hamburger victim knows, is a systematic joke in this market-totalitarian nation.

It’s time for the public to step and and render the obvious verdict on this disastrous social experiment.  Corporate capitalists and their purchased politicians must go.  We need public, not-for-profit enterprise and real, hardcore regulation of the private enterprises we choose to tolerate.

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