Adman Fired for Exhibiting Tiny Scruple

bogusky This gent here — dig the name, Orwell fans — is Alex Bogusky, ad agency ex-wonder boy (who’s 47, of course).  Mr. Bogusky sold his small marketing consulting firm to a larger corporate parent agency a few years back.  Now, he has been essentially fired because he holds and publicly reveals views such as these:

As we took on the BK account, we politely offered that we could not work on that part of their marketing. And in subsequent years we declined multiple invitations to work on the kids’ business. Once one of our adult spots for ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ (hard to believe, but young adults love Sponge Bob) was repurposed and re-edited by another agency to add toy footage and aired on Nick. I was livid and we got it pulled.

“It’s not a matter of the rightness or wrongness of the products being advertised. That is a grey [ed. note: note the hip Brit spelling and Mr. B’s lack of said color on his equally hip mane] area. But there are children and there are adults. And the duty of adults in society is to protect its children. And that is black and white.”

Such are the institutional strictures of professional marketing.  The lords of the universe tolerate no dissent, no matter how puny and peripheral.

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