Obama Streamlining Car-Loan Rejection Process

obama inspection President Obummer, ever the valiant, true-believing, prevaricating babysitter of the status quo, is presently touring the Upper Midwest, peddling the notion that his tragically stupid bailout of the doomed, massively downsized automobile industry is some kind of jobs program, rather than a desperate effort to stave off public consideration of Peak Oil and the radical unsustainability of capitalism.

Meanwhile, how’s this for an Obamian gesture?:

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration wants to simplify auto loan forms for consumers over the next few months, a U.S. Treasury Department official said today.

Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin said the attempt to clarify car loan disclosures will be part of a broader administration effort to do the same for mortgages and credit cards.

The administration’s goal is “to help consumers get the information they need to make the choices that are right for them,” Wolin said in the text of a speech being delivered today at the New England Council in Boston.

roflmfao ROFLMFAO. This is exactly, precisely the same sales proposition as the one at the heart of those scurrilous “know your credit score” commercials — the suggestion that ordinary people’s problem is ignorance or complexity or anything and everything but their shriveling incomes. Low and sinking incomes yield low credit scores and car-loan rejections. The form you have to fill out before being rejected is the pimple on that elephant’s ass. But that’s what these creeps are peddling as “change.” Zit cream for the rumps of social diseases.

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