Despite incessant musing in the business press about youths becoming more jaded, it is virtually certain (though sociologists, utterly prostrate to the grant-makers and tenure police of the world, have certainly not studied the topic) that, as generations pass, big business marketing erodes personal skills.

The latest evidence of this comes from Advertising Age, which reports on the decline :

Measuring interest in various forms of advertising among the affluent for the first time, the survey found heads of household ages 18 to 34 more receptive to advertising than their elders in all but one medium: newspapers.

The 18-to-34 group was 13% more likely to be considerably or somewhat interested in TV ads than older affluents. The younger group was also 9% more likely to be receptive to magazine ads, 28% more likely to be receptive to website ads, 47% more likely to be receptive to cinema ads and as much as twice as likely to be receptive to transit advertising than older affluents.

If this is the trend at the top, do you doubt what’s happening at the bottom?

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