Kofi the African Giant Pouched Rat from Cornwall who is being trained to help clear minefields. Kofi is training to sniff out landmines by going for daily walks on a harness and searching for pieces of avocado.
See SWNS story SWRAT: These amazing pictures show the new breed in the fight against landmines – highly intelligent trained sniffer RATS. The incredible rescue rodents are fitted to a leash before working their way over a piece of ground, sniffing out any explosives. When they find a trace they are encouraged to scratch at the dirt to alert their handlers before sitting on the exact spot. Kofi (corr), a Gambian pouched rat, is the first being trained in Britain to raise awareness of the work and generate support for projects around the world. The three-month-old started his regime by finding pieces of avocado buried in fields, but will later go on to track down real diffused mines.

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