The Capitalist Road

capitalist roadersChina’s Stalinist capitalists continue to pitch the idea that they are presiding over an “ongoing socialist modernization drive,” that the whole shebang is merely an effort to accumulate the wealth needed to eventually make China into a worker’s paradise.

I might entertain the possibility that this claim is anything but a smokescreen, were it not for news like this:

The average annual growth of China’s advertising industry stood at nearly 31 percent and the advertising industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in China, said Liu Fan, deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, during the China International Advertising Development Forum on Oct. 17, which is the first activity of the 11th Western China (Chengdu) Exhibition.

The growth of China’s advertising industry and China’s GDP are positively correlated to a significant degree, he said. China’s advertising industry currently has entered the golden period of development after experiencing four stages of development.

Explosive growth of corporate marketing is a hallmark of and a vehicle for market totalitarianism/capitalist dictatorship. It is a technology that inherently stymies the communication habits and conditions required for creating democracy, socialism, and, ultimately, human survival.

Of course, so does cars-first transportation.

China’s biz-suited big boys (see any girls there?) also like that Earth-killing corporate capitalist industry quite a lot. With all the predictable effects:

beijing traffic jam

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