Sometimes I Feel Guilty…

I stand on the shoulders of giants more than most. I am a mere intellectual gnat. To the small extent I am able to notice what I notice, it is because my friends, mentors, and loved ones suggested taking a look.

My own small additions to that tradition are mainly affirmations of the degree to which existing trends are intractable and implacable: We live, from everything I can see, in a thoroughly totalitarian society, the operational success of which Stalin and Hitler could only have dreamed. The institutional pressure in this market totalitarian society never stops or even pauses. Not of its own accord, certainly. And, as it rolls us all on down the road toward the historical cliff, it has 99.8 percent of even its would-be critics bamboozled.

Advertising, which has already arrived and must arrive virtually everywhere else — shopping carts, urinals, the entirety of electoral debate — is now coming to SCHOOL LOCKERS.

If they come into decent existence, our grandchildren will be stunned that we sat by and watched this onslaught happen.

[Special Hat Tip: Douglas Pressman]

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Heavy Armor
9 years ago

Funny you should mention something like this. I saw an advertisement for a very crappy TV comedy adorned all over a tanker truck (normally these are either blank, have the shipping company it was sold to, or the fuel company it delivers for).

It feels like this ad assault is never going to end.

Michael Dawson
9 years ago

And it won’t, not until corporate capitalism ends.

Sean G
9 years ago

I remember when advertising on buses was the new thing, and how there was a lot of controversy about these “moving billboards.” Now, of course, you’re lucky to find a bus without one and I watch every light rail train roll by my apartment covered front to back with ads and nobody bats an eye.

It’s shameful to consider that we’re in a spot that placing ads in spots where children cannot avoid them is considered a reasonable solution. Will they be required to endorse their locker’s product in order to learn the combination?

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