Most Racist Ad I’ve Ever Seen

I am somebody who argues, based on first-hand evidence described here and here, that racist stereotypes continue to play a very important part in the planning and execution of corporate television ads and other forms of sales communications.

And I am not one of those who thinks fascism is remotely likely in the United States. Fascism as an actual social and political movement requires lots of outdoors activity and apoplectic political behavior. As such, it is simply not compatible with market totalitarianism, one core requirement of which is that the vast majority be kept in the softened, amused, apolitical, lightly entranced and addicted audience-state that is most conducive to successful commercial media/advertising/sales/”politics” operations. I also believe that, despite the existence of a quarter or so of the population who do seem to hold proto-fascist views, ordinary Americans are way to the left of not just Nazism but their own “leaders,” and will not stand by and permit fascists to take over, even if the overclass were to permit it.

Nevertheless, this, which I happened to catch last night while cooking dinner and momentarily tuned (to avoid the political ads on my usual channel at dinner hour) to a bad-ass crime show that was running a soft-pedaling “expose” of a Nazi prison gang, just might be the single most racist thing I’ve seen on American television in my lifetime:

Crass and childish and uninformed and just damned dangerous. Truly, a fascist, Hitlerian ad.

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Sean G
9 years ago

Wow. I can’t even think of how many things are wrong with that ad.

The racism is overt, as you’ve stated.

The idea that China would consider our stimulus spending “enormous” or “so-called” when their stimulus spending is far larger than ours (and arguably more successful) is ridiculous. And their decrying of government takeover of private industry… seriously?

There’s little doubt China will pass us up in many areas in the next 20 years, and it’s the insane tax- and spending-cut policies of the tea party that will help hold us back.

Sean G
9 years ago

I had a little laugh as I watched it again as I tore apart some bits on my own political blog, and I noticed Chairman Mao and other communist-style banners hanging on the wall. I’m confused here, are these Chinese communist or capitalist? And why are they using 2010 era technology in 2030? Wouldn’t they have more advanced computers than iPads, or fancier headset microphones? Maybe they’re just sitting on their laurels owning the US and taking it easy. Either that or they’ve taken another page out of the US book and have classrooms that are 20 years out of… Read more »

9 years ago

My favorite is how the Chinese professors of the future so uncannily parrot the same old tired “all taxes are bad” rhetoric. Name that tune! By that point in the ad, you’re like “OK this is Republican bullshit, not Democrat bullshit.” Nowadays if you can figure out which species of bullshit it is, you’re actually doing pretty well. Good luck trying to distill any other useful, verifiable, non-scurrilous information out of it. I also like how their in-depth historical analysis, made possible by 20 years of distance, doesn’t look any further back than 2009 for the causes of the USA’s… Read more »

Michael Dawson
9 years ago

The supply and location of work in the USA is overwhelmingly determined by the same fucksticks that sponsor ads like this. They are so out-of-control, they think it’s possible to have their cake and eat it, too. In this society, it almost is…

Luis Cayetano
9 years ago

I wish I shared your optimism, as it were, about the improbability of fascism’s ascendency. Personally, I see the following things being quite amenable — both in isolation, and how they interrelate and reinforce one another in a possible historical evolution — to laying the foundation of a fascist takeover: – the economic crisis and capitalism’s inability to offer a solution to it (which means it will get much worse, simply put), which is generating a whole bunch of pissed-off white people who, lacking a scientific framework for understanding capitliast crisis, will alot the blame to things other than capitalism.… Read more »

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