They’re Vilifying Tobacco Entrepeneurs!

satan weeps You see?  You see what government does (unless you purchase it)?

It VILIFIES tobacco corporations!  From today’s NYT:

But Philip Morris International, the separate company spun out of Altria in 2008 to expand the company’s presence in foreign markets, has been especially aggressive in fighting new restrictions overseas.

It has not only sued Uruguay, but also Brazil, arguing that images the government wants to put on cigarette packages do not accurately depict the health effects of smoking and “vilify” tobacco companies. The pictures depict more grotesque health effects than the smaller labels recommended in the United States, including one showing a fetus with the warning that smoking can cause spontaneous abortion.

What next?  Calling fire inflammatory?

Roger Quarles, that fine upstanding Kentucky entrepreneur and leader, however,  is onto this sinister plot:

“We all know the real objective here is to eliminate tobacco consumption,” says Roger Quarles, a Kentucky grower and president of the [International Tobacco Growers Association].


Meanwhile, for those keeping score, one might note here yet another example of the namby-pamby jokes that pass for “anti-tobacco” campaigns back in the US of A.

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Sean G

I’m surprised they aren’t using the “job killer” label on these ads. I’m sure they run with some moderate job killing rhetoric in the south, the poor tobacco farmer and possibly factory worker, but I wouldn’t put it past them to start complaining about the pharmacologists and doctors who would lose their jobs if tobacco use is further curtailed.

“This poor Chemo nurse is out of work, because too few people have cancer today…”

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