Black Reagan’s Third Year

He Warned Us...

While scamming the electorate in 2008, Zerobama did admit he was into Reagan.  Careful to suggest he was also into FDR, he did admit it.

Certainly, no doubt remains which was the substance and which the window dressing.

Fresh off appointing a high-ranking career bank executive his new Chief of Staff, our Entrepreneur-in-Chief has long since buried all talk of FDR under the accumulating mountain of his Reaganite assaults on the public/give-aways to the rich.

The latest, delivered with yet another insistence that “Small firms drive growth and create most new jobs in this country,” that, in other words, government will continue to do nothing to create jobs directly?  A truly moribund mega-howler, delivered, appropriately enough, on the opinion page of The Wall Street Journal.

The actual essay, chock full of familiar, obsequious Reaganite fictions surrrounding the core thesis that “vibrant entrepreneurialism is the key to our continued global leadership and the success of our people,” is just too awful to reprint here.  Read it on you own, if you must.  But don’t bother.  It’s vintage Reagan:  Hoary, moldy, petulant, wishful falsity.

Suffice it instead to say, this summary from The New York Times is just about right:

President Obama, intensifying his courtship of the business community, announced Tuesday that he is issuing an executive order that aims to free companies of unnecessary regulatory burdens and promote economic growth.

In an opinion article in The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Obama said he is ordering a government-wide review of the rules that govern business, in an effort to remove “outdated regulations that stifle job creation and make our economy less competitive.’’ He said his administration is committed to seeking the ‘’proper balance’’ between freedom of commerce and regulations necessary to protect the public against threats to health and safety.

They always talk about “balance,” of course, when they are opening the henhouse door even wider for the foxes.  We have scared and defenseless poultry and hungry, impatience canines wanting to expand their dining habits.  The foxes aren’t asking to take the door off completely.  “Balance,” see?

In actual history, of course, before giving them away to capitalists, government sponsors or invents most of the core technologies (assembly line, airplanes, computers, various types of electronics), and government regulation has always been not just a primary form of protection for the public, but also often a core benefit to business interests.  Never in human history has de-regulation revived a depressed capitalist economy.  Indeed, it can’t, because depressions are demand-side, not supply-side, problems.  Further indulging business owners when there is already too much capital at the top does nothing (less than nothing, really) to put money in the pockets of those truly in need, the ones who would spend it if they had it on basic, economy-boosting products.

All that, of course, is not going to stop an utterly unchecked and decrepit and self-deluded ruling class of rentiers and their lapdog politicians from making the same old claim.  Power concedes nothing without a demand.  Hell, it doesn’t even admit it has a problem.

It would be funny if it weren’t so deadly serious.

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