More Howlers from Hewson

bono Speaking of smarmy and dishonest shills for capitalism, our favorite musically tapped-out tax-dodging huckster megalomaniac is back at it.  From among the latest batch:

The United States is “a nation that finds joy in the impossible.”

The Kennedys, the missile-gapping stiffers of MLK, the architects of escalation and covert regime change (when their boy Diem started displaying signs of softness) in Vietnam, “had no patience for the status quo.”

The Peace Corps “changed the world” and did something — something unnamed, of course — to reduce poverty and injustice.

Going to Catholic Mass every day?  Not a pathetic, anachronistic, pointless, holier-than-thou gesture, but “an act of rebellion against brutal modernity.”

Love that soft-hearted, tender, indulgent, not brutal stuff the Mass-meisters did before we went and got all modern…

Well, anyhow, you do have to hand it to somebody with the capacity to lie to himself and others at this level and still keep his legs moving.

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When asked on Irish radio why he was leaving Ireland to dodge taxes despite his reputation for good deeds, Sir Bongo said he was a do-gooder but “I’m not a complete gobshite”. Well, he was wrong: he is a complete gobshite

Michael Dawson

…and getting more complete with each passing year, it appears.

Michael Dawson

One wonders how many households could live for a year in, say, Uganda, on what dude spends on his endless parade of silly-ass sunglasses.