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gumby Here is a table listing the U.S. unemployment rate for three different years:



Here, meanwhile, is today’s “analysis” from William C. Dunkelberg, chief economist for the National Federation of Independent Business, as quoted in a New York Times story explaining why “at least through the rest of President [Zer]Obama’s four-year term” it is entirely unreasonable to expect current unemployment levels to drop much:

“You can’t recover quickly from a disaster like we’ve been through.”

Yes, clearly impossible.


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Heavy Armor

That sounds like the same Dunkelberg who infected Philadelphia’s AM news station with the same kind of totalitarian market drivel many years ago.

Michael Dawson
Michael Dawson

You called it, HA:

“He had his own radio show on WPHT 1210 AM Philadelphia every Sunday for 2 years and his editorials were carried by KYW NEWS RADIO for over 15 years until 2007.”

His physiognomy, btw, is just exactly what one would guess: The used car salesman as dismal scientist.

erm ...
erm ...

So the fact that the statistics for the three years listed are just prior to (1940) and then during World War II (1942, 1944) escaped you … ?

Not to defend the man you quoted, but those statistics are not from a normal economic recovery — and if we have to depend on war for jobs, which is worse?

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