Less Than Nothing

I’ve long maintained that we’d all be better off if what passes for the political left had never yet said anything about “consumption.”  What it has said is much worse than silence.  Harangues about “consumer culture” are part navel-gazing LSD trip and part major symptom of the very disease they purportedly want to cure.

For those who doubt this, I encourage you to read this report on the latest act of hopeless and phony pseudo-rebellion by the atrocious and simply ignorant author of some of the worst offenses.

Among his brain-dead howlers:

The whole culture needs to say, “Enough! Now we must serve the economy instead of expecting the economy to serve us.”

We currently spend $900 per capita to be shelled with unsolicited advertising, embedded in the cost of products and services. A culture that is less consumer-driven will tolerate less advertising and less debt.

Yes, shame on us, what with all our unreasonable demands that dictate what happens in our consumer-driven economy!  Oops, wait a minute, I’m running late for my shareholders’ meeting…

Holy Jesus.  With rebels like this, who needs capitalists?

And a post-script: If this clown understood marketing, rather than mere advertising, he’d know that $900 per person is not close to the half of it. Of course, he’s uninformed about and uninterested in actual institutions, so the thought that he’s radically understating the problem he thinks he’s attacking has never crossed his mind.

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9 years ago

I’m with you on the passionate rejection, but… Never having been on an LSD trip, but having read that many of those who have taken that dare actually say they learned an intense amount from it, I don’t put “LSD navel-gazing” and the ascetic simplicity movement in the same headspace, man. That just doesn’t come to mind. Hey, he’s the mayor of his neighborhood, probably in Portlandia (a really strong show), where they’re all rejecting plastic packaging, at least when he’s around. I’ll admit that I’ve got absolutely nowhere to go in the Web or in global political culture. The… Read more »

Luis Cayetano
9 years ago

<b<''The whole culture needs to say, “Enough! Now we must serve the economy instead of expecting the economy to serve us.”'' WTF? ”Serve the economy”? I remember reading Fromm’s analysis of work and how the ”human problem of industry” (how to get people to show up on time, how to get them to work together cohesively to further the company’s goals, and all the stuff that human resources departments are paid to deal with) conceals the real issue: the industrial problem of humanity (or rather how industry is configured in the current epoch. Fromm was no advocate of reverting to… Read more »

Michael Dawson
9 years ago

Yes, and when was the last time a “whole culture” did anything. Maybe in about 8000 b.c., if then.

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