The Basis of “Private”/”Free” Enterprise

wizard History shows that, stunning as the thought is, state legislatures in the USA are more, not less, dominated by business lobbying than is the federal government.  And that dominance is certainly even greater in the South, where white people remain staggering deluded about themselves and the realities of their society and world.

So, it’s really not very surprising that North Carolina legislators are presently strangling public, not-for-profit provision of internet services.  Clearly, the reason is that such services are a mortal threat to corporate revenue streams.  The simple fact is that telecommunications services can be more efficiently, effectively, and cheaply provided by the public than by capitalists.

So, the North Carolina legislature is simply going to pass a law that artificially imposes all the irrationalities — and more — of the private sector on the public sector.

Remember this the next time you see some wanker talking about the supposed naturalness and glory of “private enterprise.”

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