Agenda Control

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One of advertising’s many anti-democratic aspects lies in its power as an arbitrary agenda-setter.

So, here we see Proctor & Gamble touting their efforts to use less energy in the manufacture of Charmin Ultra toilet paper.

But, ask yourself, what is the number one environmental crime inherent in manufacturing a product like Charmin Ultra?

It is not the use of electricity to run industrial facilities.  It is the use of old growth timber to make “soft” toilet paper.  Of course, why do they need to make this stuff “soft” in the first place?  So that they can justify the exaggerated marketing claims and jacked-up prices.

The “Sustainably Manufactured” tagline is, of course, pure belligerent prevarication.  Not only is the ad a conscious cover-up of the old growth facts (which P&G certainly knows would, if widely known, be lethal to the brand), but who is to say that its (alleged) slightly reduced energy use makes Charmin Ultra environmentally benign?  Anybody want to wager on what a genuine investigation would reveal there?

Anyhow, such is American culture:  Greenwashing ass-wipes on behalf of socio-cidal money-hoarding rentiers.

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