Why the Internet?

maze The official story is that the spread of the internet and wireless communications is about the spread of democracy. I take that to be patently preposterous, given the pertinent realities.

Meanwhile, consider the great marketing advantage to it all: By getting us all to participate 24/7/365, the behavioral engineers gain not just an array of spy-cams that make Big Brother purple with envy, but written, quantifiable records the ever-expanding field of “consumer behavior.”

Hence, here is marketing consultant BlueKai Analytics bragging about how its “Intent Data outperforms other data sources by 200 to 300%”:

BlueKai Intent™ is the single, largest source of Intent data qualified by in‐market actions and keyword searches in the world. It is aggregated, real‐time data from top tier websites with unique access to purchase, shopping comparison, and product research behavior from their users. Intent behaviors extracted from these sites include: price search by make and model, destination city for travel or activity on loan calculators, product comparison, or specific keyword searches. Time and again this type of data is highly correlated to consumers who are ready to buy.

Unmatched scale of over 160M in‐market shoppers across 7 key verticals

Strict Intent data qualifications

Data transparency means exact targeting without guessing

Thousands of in‐market attributes provide unparalleled targeting granularity and specificity

Intent data providers include 80% of the top 20 sites in each vertical

In case you feel like making the gesture, here’s the link to BlueKai’s “opt-out” process. [Note: I think it’s broken!]

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