Another Sociopathic Hipster

goodby Our parade of pony-tailed social engineers continues today with the illustrious Jeff Goodby, whose agency just released this brazenly sexist and pseudo-scientific [and now withdrawn!] ad campaign for the California Milk Processor Board.

The ads are clearly targeted at men, whom they flatter by endorsing both the idea that stale pieces of misogyny are somehow wildly funny and the counterfactual suggestion that men themselves are going around being minutely careful about how they treat women.

Here’s how Goodby gets his laughs, meanwhile:

The idea, says Jeff Goodby, who shares the title of co-chairman at Goodby, Silverstein with Rich Silverstein, is to “enlist the spouse or significant other” of women to encourage them to drink milk.

“We did it in the past, but the women just didn’t drink enough milk,” he says, laughing. “If they’d only drink enough, we wouldn’t come back.” [NYT, 07/11/2011]

Haw, haw, haw! Isn’t recycling sexism to force-feed cow milk to an overweight population on behalf of factory farming, rBGH-injecting profiteers just a hoot?

And if you believe there really is any such thing with these people as “drink enough milk” or “we wouldn’t come back,” well, I can also get you a really excellent deal on the Brooklyn Bridge…

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9 years ago

ACT have anything to say about Anders Breivik?

9 years ago

I meant TCT not ACT, stupid phone autocorrect

Michael Dawson
9 years ago

I’m not aware that it has much to do with corporate marketing, but TCT is never shy to say what it thinks. 😉

Unjust power always make excuses for itself. In the capitalist epoch, these excuses have included “race” and “nation” indoctrination. The training has been heavy and sophisticated, and much of the non-elite population believes it with great passion. Indeed, much of the population knows little else about the socio-political world.

This Norwegian douche is pretty clearly another symptom of the psychosis.

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