Skateboarding for the Overclass

adam_roe To continue this week’s theme of pondering the high quotient of deluded posers in the marketing trade, meet Adam Roe, whose Lunchboxshopper marketing” agency just got bought by the venerable social engineering conglomerate JWT.

Like our friend, the grimacing but allegedly always laughing Bob Knorpp, Mr. Roe presents himself as ultra-hip and creative and just about as funny as the day is long.

Meanwhile, here is Mr. Roe’s client list.

And here is Roe’s soulful explanation of the meaning of his latest sellout:

We are now all closely measured by sales, which makes the role of shopper solutions ever more critical, yet the sale starts long before the customer ever gets to the shelf and often long before it gets to us. By joining forces, JWT and Lunchbox offer brands, retailers and shoppers an unstoppable solution from start to finish. [Source: Advertising Age]

Yes, this is all about simultaneously serving the needs of both “brands” and shoppers.  Sure.  Never mind that Roe refers to the latter as “it” in this very statement, as he also undoubtedly does when practicing his craft.

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9 years ago

So while this numbnuts was ridin’ his skateboard to the 1994 finals, his mind was achurnin’ with novel approaches to solve the burning “shopper solutions” crisis. How do you get from being punk skateboard kid to business-speaks-spewing compensated ad honcho? He is living the cool lifestyle to the max, with his hip “fotos” and his “Fuckface the spider” cartoons – is this the type of cultural schizophrenic that is the future, from skateboard jackass to campus clown rebel to corporate idea maven BS-er? Unfortunately for him, with DVRs, I 30-second my way through every ad that comes through the Tele.… Read more »

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