A Thaw for Greenwashing!

code_green Hurray!  Capitalists are finding that the Great Recession is good for greenwashing.  Per Advertising Age:

People care less about the environment or green marketing claims than they did a few years ago, yet they’re also less likely to doubt marketers’ green claims or motives, according to the new Green Gauge Report from GfK.

The 2011 version of the study, based on surveys of more than 2,000 respondents between June 9 and July 5, found only 33% said the environment is “very serious and should be a priority for everyone” this year, down from 39% last year and 46% in 2007. At the same time, 41% of people agreed with the statement “first comes economic security, then we can worry about environmental problems,” up 13 points from 2007, according to GfK.

Despite people being less responsive to environmental ad claims, they seem to believe them more often. The Green Gauge report found 39% of people say business claims about the environment aren’t accurate, substantially lower than the 48% who believed that three years ago. And 37% of respondents this year said business and industry are fulfilling their responsibility to the environment, up 8 points from 2007.

This, of course, is music to the corporate ear:

“There’s a thawing in attitudes toward greenwashing,” said [study author Timothy Kenyon]. “There’s also a realization from consumers, given the economy, that [companies] can only do so much.”

And there’s even more excellent news:

People also increasingly get their environmental information from marketers, Mr. Kenyon said.

Things to notice here include the explicit discussion of the landscape for greenwashing.  That’s powerful evidence that, behind closed doors and despite public denials, greenwashing is indeed the ultimate, intentionally planned aim of corporate “green” marketing efforts.

Also, don’t let the obscurity of the name “GfK” fool you.  This is the biggest of big-time work:

“Headquartered in New York, GfK Custom Research North America is part of the GfK Group, the world’s fourth largest market research company. “

You can rest assured the “consumer package goods” giants are lapping up this exciting research.

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You can see the entirety of our world in the greenwashing of the greens themselves. In a space trying to be as green as Earth Island Journal, the magazine wanders all over its own shoes, dirtying up whatever message it might try to convey with the alliance with kings of greenwashing such as Amory Lovins, a pro-coporate, anti-public initiative Bioneer of the worst kind. Has there ever been a more confused, disintegrated, dismal record of achievement “movement” in the last 50 years? The wiretaps TCT has in place on these guys is reaping incredibly damaging confessions – when can we… Read more »


Yes, Pastors McKibben and Hedges have been all over the non-news with giving themselves up for arrest and processing and record-getting from the so-nice DC police state authorities. McKibben was so touching in publicly wearing his Obama ’08 button to the windmill session, an act of left-liberal spinelessness that can be equaled, but never topped. Tar sands oil – hasn’t that been going gangbusters right into our US cars for years now? Can the Keystone XL pipeline crusade reverse-engineer this fact?
Again, your one-man wiretapping campaign against the ruling class is getting spectacular results.