Money for Nothing

Adweek is profiling what it calls “new model agencies.” Dig the poozers below, featured there today.

The latest hipster band?  Aspiring novelists?  Nope, the “cool” and “creative” mini-capitalists behind such stunningly important work as the Dr Pepper Social Program. Click the picture to see their amazing genius on display.


You have to hand it to these two yankers.  Clearly, they’ve sensed that corporate marketers themselves love to be flattered as they “award” out their button-pushing assignments.  Hence, the pomo-nerd “Code & Theory” moniker and the pseudo-intellectual/bored-ecstasy-dealer presentments.

All in the name of tricking the kids into becoming “fans” of a brand of soda-pop on the world’s biggest marketing data-harvesting engine, of course.

Such are the priorities and things that are cool in early 21st century America…

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8 years ago

The self-flattery of these two, well-caricatured by you as “bored ecstasy dealers,” is world-class- ten million cheezewhiz type hits from a product line of cesspool obesity drinks is some sort of “creative” accomplishment? The two are Montessori two -year olds, plying their old buncombe trade to a crashing world.
Remember, in parts of the world these schmendricks would be locked up.

8 years ago

Those are the “creatives” we keep hearing about. Toiling away on their mac, blending jargon from two to six marketing hotsellers, promoting the promotion of their promotional…

Jay Dillon
Jay Dillon
8 years ago

Hi, I’m a bit worried because although GM Cadillac Aera won the concept car division at the LA Auto Show in 2010, it has been silenced as an option. You can find the car listed in various places but few people have written about the car in detail. Nobody wants to use a nonexistent luxury car these days of course, but I was impressed by it. I wrote to GM Cadillac and suggested they could use the air motor (Wankel rotary design, in-wheel motors, 10,000 psi carbon fiber tank) in small, practical and affordable cars. They didnt get back to… Read more »

Jay Dillon
Jay Dillon
8 years ago

Also, I like your use of the term “market totalitarianism.” If you look at “suppressed inventions,” you find that there are a great many inventions of potentially very great significance that are “somehow” sidelined constantly and are left out of the mainstream discussion of energy efficiency technologies. This leaves a vast field of potential for new competitive capitalist development and exploitation, but the capitalists remain fixated on reactionary profit development using on-the-shelf existing stick-in-the-mud dinotech. One great ploy is to subvert and marginalize new tech in order to maintain sales of existing manufactured product lines, which, if leapfrogged, would signal… Read more »

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