Archdruid of Ideology

Back in April, I said “there’s no way John Michael Greer has read Karl Marx.”

That’s confirmed today, as the Archdruid writes this howler:

Marxism reached its high-water point in the 1950s and then receded, as the golden promises of Das Kapital gave way to gray bureaucratic inefficiency and, in time, total systemic failure.

ROFL.  What “golden promises” would those be?  Anybody who had actually read Capital would be well aware of the fact that it contains exactly zero promises of any kind.  Seriously.  Take a look.

In reality, of course, Karl Marx was hugely affected by the work of Justus von Liebig, the coiner of “Liebig’s Law,” which points out that ecosystems are only as strong as their weakest links.

The Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids, however, can’t be bothered to crack an actual book he doesn’t like for entirely a priori and conventional reasons, despite his claim to value rebellious thought and varied opinions and analyses.

The degree to which even the wildest forms of green thinking remain utterly  captive to conventional American dogma is truly astounding, and not a little scary.

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Winston Smith
Winston Smith
8 years ago

yep. once again The Archdruid (gimme a break!) loses the plot. as Sut Jhally astutely observed: “If you want to understand capitalism, Marx is the starting point. If you want to understand communism, he’s not. Marx had nothing to say about communism. He had nothing to say about the horrible societies that would be constructed in his name. What Marx’s great contribution is, is as an analyst of capitalism and for understanding the logic that drives capitalism.” but The Archdruid never lets reality get in the way of his magical thinking or his penchant for censorship. — SEE: Advertising &… Read more »

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