POTUS, aka MOY 2012

obama-reagan The line of the week comes from Ad Age Digital, which reports:

Puma, GE, Red Bull, Marc Jacobs, President Obama, and 200 other brands are on Instagram.

Instagram, of course, is yet another vanity-based marketing ploy on what the Robber Barons at Facebook call “the graph,” aka the data mining trick that is “the social net.”

The fact that Ad Age sees Obama, aka MOY 2008, as a mere brand is about as honest and apt a piece of information as you’ll get from the U.S. corporate media.

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To quote one half of that hybrid picture, “There you go again …”

Corporate/marketing types see absolutely no shame in the word (and idea) of “branding” — to them everything is a product and a brand …

Indeed, in post-modern capitalism, the brand *is* the product …

Crosley Bendix
Crosley Bendix

Not only did the Obama campaign win the Ad Age award, it also won awards at Cannes:

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