M.O.Y. 2012?

You may recall that Advertising Age named Barack Obama its “Marketer of the Year” for 2008. It was a stunningly successful marketing job after all, selling an empty social climbing corporate pitchfork catcher as “Change You Can Believe In.”

Given its all-around job of quickly and thoroughly pissing on every possible kind of change its 2008 targets were hoping for, the question has been how the Zerobama squad hopes to purchase the Oval Office this time around. What would the message be this time, given the obvious exposure of the fraudulence of the 2008 “Change” fib?

The answer has begun to emerge: This time around, it will be sheer brand-name marketing: No big message, just raw flattery, message-free promotion of brainless “identity,” mere conditioned association with the brand. Just like selling any other corporate capitalist product, in other words. All it takes is money, and they’ve got piles of that.

Et voilà:


If ever there was a perfect image for the proper response to this whole scam, here it is. Lift your leg on this creep and his moribund political “party.” Just say no to corporate “politics.”

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