Beyond Big Brother

cell_addicts Microsoft is about to launch the Nokia Lumia 900 “smart phone.” Here at TCT, we know exactly what “smart” media devices are smart about: marketing. Not only do “smart” devices increase the already astounding amount of off-the-job time people in the United States spend staring at sponsored content and ads, but they rake in huge amounts of Orwellian-quality data about their users’ habits and preferences.

Ponder, then, the sheer cajones of how Microsoft is promoting this new Nokia phone: As a “Free-Time Machine”!  (Note, too, the inclusion of one of the Kardashians, the veritable poster children for time squandered on sponsored media.)

The thing, of course, is a patent stab at expanding the already near-complete corporate colonization of free time, an attempt to reduce even further the degree of independence in what its purchasers do when not asleep or at their jobs (if they have one).

It is more evidence of the old TCT claim that the things our overclass gets away with would make Hitler and Stalin purple with envy.

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