Ads in TSA Bins

Just back from an NYC trip.  One small TCT discovery, of the usual variety.  Behold the new format for the bottom of (publicly owned) TSA security scanner bins:


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I had the misfortune of having to travel for work and the TSA bins at the Nashville airport had McAfee antivirus ads in them. Haven’t seen them in any other airports but I’ll be looking for them next time I’m required to travel simply so that I can keep myself fed, clothed, and sheltered. Antivirus software has some of the most obnoxious advertising I’ve seen, it’s a combination of making your feel fearful and yet safe and secure at the same time if you just buy their product. My personal experience has been that I don’t use any and never… Read more »

High Arka

(It does seem to be mostly focused around the ignorant downloading “free porn” or pirated music. I’ve regularly used maybe 17 computers in different states in the past 5 years, and never had a virus problem, but I worked with a fool man whose porn habits managed to give him regular viruses on some of those same computers, and prompted the “need” for security software.)

Great, perfect observation Mr. Dawson.

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