Triumph of the Shill

At right, you see photos of a pair of historical sisters. At top is Leni Riefenstahl, maker of history’s most infamous propaganda film. Below Ms. Reifenstahl is Rebecca Van Dyck, overseer of one of history’s most recent propaganda films. Though Van Dyck would undoubtedly feel outraged at the observation, the fact is that she performs exactly the same work as Reifenstahl: Making emotional advertisements for extremely dangerous ruling organizations and classes.

Van Dyck’s new product is the 90-second “emotional spot” she produced on behalf of our friends at Facebook, in her capacity there as VP of “consumer marketing.”

Van Dyck’s dishonesty about the nature of her employer and the motives of her film-making are as breath-taking as it gets.

Regarding Facebook, here’s her explanation to Ad Age:

The film, titled “Things That Connect,” opens with a series of artful, emotional vignettes of people sitting and interacting on chairs — before moving on to other objects and events through which folks come together, such as a doorbell, airplanes, bridges or a basketball game. The point being, that all these things exist, perhaps, to remind us that we’re not alone.

“What we’re trying to articulate is that we as humans exist to connect, and we at Facebook to facilitate and enable that process,” explained Van Dyck.

So, which do you believe, dear TCT faithful? The claim that Facebook is a charity doing social work on behalf of its users, or its founder and CEO’s statement that “Our business is advertising”? Van Dyck thinks you’re too uninformed and stupid to make the call. (She also relies on the fact that the contrast will remain concealed from her film’s target audience.)

The timing of Van Dyck’s psy-op is certainly no accident, either, as it exactly overlaps Facebook’s just-announced (to its real end-users) further removal of restrictions on marketer access to its unprecedented demographic and behavioral databases.

For those who need to look at the car crash, here you go:

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8 years ago

The Riefenstahl connection is brilliant and dead-on.
What a load of nonsense – always the right themes for the liberal conservative – black kids cavorting in ghettos, crying pretty white girls, mass rallies for nothing, idiot-level musing about religious blather (yeah, we’re alone, sorry to drop that on ya’ll), and a “GREAT NATION.”
And Van Dyk must be a proud, loyal graduate of some ivy credential mill, having gotten fine grades and pats on the heads for being a nice, dutiful apprentice Leni.
Where is all that “culture-jamming” some mystic in Vancouver promised?

Michael Dawson
8 years ago

Here you go, Martin:

Social climbing, self-delusion, and, of course, nepotism.

Mark Lovas
8 years ago

Funny how that word “folks” crops up again when someone is pretending to be sincere and inclusive…..

8 years ago

great research, showing what makes tct the world’s number one oppo research service.
The college angle was prime evidence. All that money, all that prestige, all that useful time to “study,” and what does leni-jr extol. Her soccer coach. A male soccer coach. Because that is where she”learned” imperial social climbing 101.

Marla Singer
Marla Singer
8 years ago

The most terrifying thing is how effective these things are. I spend most of my time reading critical work, always on guard, and always looking for data and insight to figure out what’s really going on, and yet, as I watch it, I still feel the goose bumps, the inspiration n’ shit… All the suspicion and self-defense flies out of the window, and I have to try to get it back…

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