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The latest U.S. Presidential election is as expensive as it is utterly devoid of sincerity or serious ideas about the nation’s vast problems and injustices. Its hidebound and irrelevant chatter will apparently wind up devouring more than one billion dollars.

TCT could provide you with an extended analysis of the various travesties entwined in the continuing reduction of all public discourse to marketing campaigns. It could also ponder the meaning of the fact that running for President now requires access to $500 million in surplus cash.

Rather than doing that, however, TCT commends your attention to this remarkable video, which says about all that needs to be said at the moment:

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This has been as good a summation of this farce as anything in the webs of clicking typists, but the Democracy Now thrid-party debate revealed the utter embarrassment that the US left has become. Instead of voicing her contempt for this hideous political system, saleswoman Jill Stein hawked a “Green New Deal” repeatedly with all the panache of an Al Gore clone. When will the US produce a candidate to speak actual scorn that is felt by the marginalized, the put-upon, the angry, the disenfranchised? If this earnest, fantasist micro-left won’t do it, then it will be a US Le… Read more »

Michael Dawson

FWIW, I voted for Jill Stein and am a member of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon.

That said, it is certainly rather naive to imagine that any candidate without a half-billion dollars to spend is going to get a hearing in this bought system. The only way the ruling Duopoly is going to break is via a huge social movement, and that would take a kind of organizing that, yes, continues to elude what passes for the activist left, which can’t seem to transcend aimless gestures of one kind or another.