Another Sign of the Times

The New York Times is reporting that the Newtown parents have issued this statement:

“We’re looking for dialogue. We’re looking for ideas. We’re looking for a national discussion to take place. We don’t want to just come out and say this is what we stand for, this is what we believe in. We want to encourage a national discussion on this. Do something different. When you look at what’s been done in the past, it hasn’t gotten us very far. We have to do something different.”

Since it seems too far-fetched that this group remains somehow captive to any pro-gun influences, one has to take this amazing pre-emptive surrender as yet another sign of just how beaten down we are in what remains of civil society. Jesus, people, you don’t enter a life-and-death struggle asking to talk things over with you enemy. Rosa Parks didn’t ask to be allowed into the middle rows of the bus. You make a clean and simple demand and then go fight for it.

As for “what’s been done in the past,” wasn’t that a whole lot of nothing? Sheesh!

For those TCTers who are interested in this topic of liberal surrender-monkeying, I also heartily endorse Thomas Frank’s new review, in the February Harper’s, of Spielberg’s silly little “Lincoln” movie. It’s by far the best thing Mr. Frank has ever penned, IMHO. (Among other excellent observations, Frank calls Spielberg “that Michelangelo of the trite.” Oh, s–nap!)

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