Cultural Seriousness

How do we reverse the childhood obesity epidemic? Here’s the mind-blowing suggestion of the Ad Council, Michelle Obama, and their collaborators in the federal public health bureaucracy:

It takes world-historic chutzpah to go through with this gargantuan insult to both the audience and those who are actually serious about this major issue.

Once again, the corrupt childishness of the sponsored culture is breathtaking.

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High Arka
7 years ago

Aw Christ, I had to pay for that? Why weren’t there any animated talking dogs? For $4 million, I expect animated dogs!

Stay away from your television, pplz.

Marla Singer
Marla Singer
7 years ago

I’m afraid awareness of the “corrupt childishness” does not help me much personally – since it’s everywhere, I catch myself often enough giggling, drooling, and being amused by blatantly stupid shit, or going along with the flow when other goddamned adults do it ;(. Hopefully it gets better with age.

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