Let Them Eat Funnel

moneyfunnel Corporate marketers have a problem. Tracking people’s behaviors is easier and richer when the targets reveal themselves on their home computers than when they are using their “mobile devices.” There are, of course, plenty of dollars and labor being thrown at solving this problem, and a solution will undoubtedly be found.

All quite predictable and normal.

While brushing up on this topic, I did, however, find this lovely little passage from the “Results” page at the Tapad agency, which is one of the vendors groping toward making “mobile devices” equal to desktop appliances in their surveillance capacities.

Drive new customers into the purchase funnel by delivering efficient app installations
Retarget both site visitors and app installers to progress users through the funnel ultimately generating sales

Leverage Tapad’s unique cross-platform audience targeting solutions to focus impression delivery on consumer profiles most likely to engage with campaign messaging.

More evidence that “consumers,” despite the supposed liberation inherent in that insult, are merely so many “profiles” to be reorganized for overclass benefit.

When I hear the word “consumer” — from anybody — I reach for my revolver.

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High Arka


After getting bombarded on Facebook to write the latest blog post, this one stumbled across an article where a woman suggested that intelligent “consumer choices” would eliminate America’s rape culture.

It’s time to take action! Buy a DIFFERENT couch!

Marla Singer
Marla Singer


“Buy the sofa, then for a couple years you’re satisfied that no matter what goes wrong, at least you’ve got your sofa issue handled.”
(FC, Ch. 5)

They are right though – if ‘consumers’ could make the choice to have secure jobs and livelihoods, to allow for the formation of stable families and communities, they probably would, in fact, choose those things.

High Arka

The contention by the good woman was that American culture encouraged [the] rape [of white, middle-class women], and that one of the most effective ways to deal with it was by purchasing products from companies whose ads this quarter did not glamorize violence against women. The illusory consumer choice has long been a sad cliche: that voting for one of two financier warlords, or buying one of two rugged trucks, will offer the world a substantive positive effect, or indeed any effect at all. In this case, because it was done in the presumed context of saving people from violence,… Read more »

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