No Somos Chavez

yosoy Pardon the TCT editor’s possibly shaky Spanish — I made the horrendous error of learning German instead in school — but we are not Chavez here in the USA, and it’s a crying shame.  Dig the way they are running the presidential election in Venezuela, per Advertising Age:

Americans weary of seemingly endless presidential campaigns might envy Venezuela’s decision to limit the process of electing a successor to Hugo Chavez to a mere 10 days.

From April 2 until April 11, candidates can buy five minutes a day of ad time on each TV and radio channel, and a daily ad in every newspaper.

Ad Age, of course, can’t side with the people, being what it is. Hence their piece on this lovely rule carps about Venezuela’s “state-controlled media.” There are, of course, private media in Venezuela, so it isn’t exactly the USSR.

The carping about media control is straight out of Animal House. “They can’t do that to our pledges. Only we can do that to our pledges.”

Any actual observer knows that the mass media here are far more effectively controlled by the “private” overclass than any state system ever was or could be.

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