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Just used this bad boy to send in my federal tax return:


TCTers are invited to propose analogous postage for other troubling societies, past or present…

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Marla Singer
Marla Singer
7 years ago

I’ve been thinking lately about the hopes of some writers (Sweezy included) that the looming ecological problems and resource shortages may force an end or at least radical rearrangement of capitalism. This seems plausible if you consider the physical limitations on endless growth, but I am increasingly worried that this is just a marginal and essentially inconsequential limitation for the system. After all, capitalism already existed in some form before the steam engine etc., because it had already figured out the key to eh surplus – labor, above all, and the nature’s inputs are only secondary in importance. To imagine… Read more »

Marla Singer
Marla Singer
7 years ago

What is FF-based machinery? Btw., speaking of necessary expansion of state power, consider the current total lockdown of Boston. I fail to see how it is at all necessary to perform routine police work. There can be no doubt that the second suspect will be caught – his identity is known, he has no money or other resources, he is bound to fall in the net pretty soon. Why is it necessary to immobilize the whole city, have heavily armed convoys patrol the streets, and worst of all – perform door to door searches? (is there no such thing as… Read more »

Marla Singer
Marla Singer
7 years ago

And yes – the prospect of war is very likely. The only question is if it will be an all out, likely nuclear confrontation, or just endless and intensifying, proxy and direct, smaller scale hostilities all over the world (which is pretty much already the case, and eerily similar to Orwel’s depiction). After all, as many places in africa show, it doesn’t matter much if entire societies are melting down – it is not that difficult to provide sufficient security for the extracting operations, and ignore everything else around.

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